Why Canadian History is Not Boring!

  • May 02, 2016
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Aurora Cultural Centre


Ken Weber 

Ten years ago, when Ken Weber accepted the fact that he had become a senior, he began a third career: convincing Canadians that their history is far more exciting than what they studied in school.   

In Ken’s second career he was a writer and became one of the best-selling Canadian authors you’ve probably never heard of.  His five minute mystery series has sold over five million copies and is published in 22 languages.

But it’s by his first career that Ken prefers to be known.  In the early 1960s he became a teacher, and to this day still believes being a teacher is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! His teaching career began in high schools and ended as a professor at University of Toronto where his students regularly nominated him for Teacher of the Year honours. 

Today, Ken’s third career gives him a chance to be a teacher again, and you will get to see why he finds it such fun.

Why Canadian History is Not Boring!

Did Sir John A. have a special friend on the side?  Not possible!  This is Canada!  Really, it is possible__and he was not the only one!  Is it true the only officer to win the Victoria Cross during the Charge of the Light Brigade was a Canadian (and a major embarrassment)?  Was Jack the Ripper educated in Canada?  Evidence points that way.  And were our soldiers so randy during the First World War I that the British people were terrified of them?  Seems so.

That’s just the hanky-panky part of our history that no one bothered (or dared) tell us in school.  But there’s so much more.  Canadians have changed the world in ways we never hear about, like the geologist whose discovery quite literally modified the time we go to bed, or the young woman who completely upset the medical community’s view of the female brain. 

Canadian history has war stories, movie stories, and stories of biggest and best. There are world firsts like the first woman war correspondent and the first ever champion of an international sport competition.  Our country has strange stories, heroic stories, and above all truly funny stories, for Canadians have a great sense of humour.

Then why do so many people think our story is a boring one?  Why is so much of our history unknown__even to Canadians?  This presentation offers some answers.  And makes clear that the story of Canada is anything but boring.

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